Walk in Tattoos Melbourne

A walk in tattoo is simply a tattoo without a prior booking.

We take walk in tattoo jobs every day, in our Melbourne CBD location, on a first come / first served basis. You are welcome to swing by anytime, but we find it’s best to pop by at 11am to get your name on the list, spots tend to fill quickly especially on weekends.

We try as hard as we can to fit everybody in on the day, but sometimes it’s not always possible. We can always find time during the week if we can’t get you in that day for a walk in tattoo in our Melbourne studio.

Walk in tattoo versus a booked appointment

If your idea is small and simple (names, symbols, small images) we can usually do it on a walk in basis. Palm sized and hand sized tattoos can be done as walk-ins also, but we find it’s better to arrange a booking for that kind of work. Larger work like full sleeves, back pieces etc will require a booking.

Pricing for walk in tattoos in Melbourne

The shop minimum is $150. This covers the cost of a brand new, single use disposable and sterile instrument set up for each client. You are paying for your health and safety. We use only the best equipment for you. We accept cash only.

Most smaller-medium tattoos are quoted based on body placement, design and size. You are paying for the artist’s experience, efficiency and expertise, not for time specifically. Please keep in mind we get faster as we get better, so a less experienced artist may take two or three times as long as us to do the same job. Most walk-in tattoos under palm size will range from $150 to $400 as a rough guide. Designs over palm size will be quoted individually.

Large Groups

Unfortunately we don’t have room to fit large groups of friends in the waiting area, we need space for our paying clients. Please have your mates meet you after your tattoo. There are lots of cafes and bars nearby for them to enjoy while they wait for you.

For health and safety reasons please do not walk into any working area of the shop without permission.

We reserve the right to refuse anyone for any reason.

We are open 11am – 6pm, 7 days a week.

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