Tattoo Styles Melbourne

There are many different tattoo styles, each drawing from different influences and reflecting the wearers personal taste. Some tattoo styles come and go, some are built to last and some are here to stay. If you like solid work built to stand the test of time with powerful imagery, American Traditional is the one for you. Simple designs, bold lines and solid colour work, with the trademark black whip shading make this style absolutely timeless. If you prefer something more subtle and discreet, and don’t want to be covered head to toe, Fine Line tattoos are a great choice. This style lends itself to floral designs, small symbols like hearts, angel numbers, simple letters and natural themes like birds and animals. Fine line has a softer look and feel to it than American Traditional. We are experienced in fine line work, as well as bold work, you can choose black or colour, whichever is your preference we have a tattoo style for you.

Almost any subject matter can be translated into a fine line tattoo. Subtle and delicate, a fine line tattoo uses very fine precise needles to render the image. We have the finest needles in town.

If you prefer minimal and discreet, a simple small tattoo could be the one for you. This minimalist aesthetic is powerful and elegant at the same time. 

If you’re a traveller looking to commemorate your trip to the land downunder, or simply a proud Aussie looking to make a statement, an Australian tattoo can be very significant. Ranging from simple outline designs, native flora and fauna, to a kangaroo having a beer, we’ve done it all. 

American Traditional or simply Trad, is a tattoo style that uses simple bold designs and solid colour with heavy black shading. The simple shapes and bold colours are a stand out feature, the trick is to remove all the information that is not needed, leaving only the essence of the subject matter to tell the story. 

Simply put, these are tattoos using only black ink. At Blue Lady Tattoo we use the darkest black ink available, up to three times darker than regular ink used at other shops. 

Life is full of colour, so why shouldn’t your tattoo be? Almost every colour imaginable is available these days, and colour tattoos have surged in popularity. 

Red ink tattoos are a unique variation where the main outline or part of the design is done in red ink. Instead of black outlines, a special red ink is used on all or on part of the design.