Australian tattoo designs

Australian Tattoo Designs

If you’re a traveller looking to commemorate your trip to the land downunder, or simply a proud Aussie looking to make a statement, an Australian tattoo can be very significant. Ranging from simple outline designs, native flora and fauna, to a kangaroo having a beer, we’ve done it all. From Taylor Swift’s road carpenter to the toughest marines, many a traveller has opted for a custom drawn Australian tattoo. No idea too small, or too strange, a Koala drinking a Pina Colada? Or eating a jar of Vegemite? A jar of Vegemite eating Vegemite on toast? Steve Irwin holding a croc? We’ve done them all. Come down to the shop or call us today about your Australian tattoo.

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A small tattoo on a womans chest of a heart outline done as a walk in tattoo

Small tattoos

Small Tattoos

Small tattoos may be diminutive in size, but they carry immense significance and personal meaning. Often chosen for their discreet nature, these tattoos can represent a wide array of concepts and beliefs in a subtle yet powerful way. In Melbourne and beyond, small tattoos have become a popular choice for those looking to make a statement without the commitment of a larger piece.

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Red line tattoos

Red Ink Tattoos

Red ink tattoos are a unique variation where the main outline or part of the design is done in red ink. Instead of black outlines, a special red ink is used on all or on part of the design. Much like a fine line or small tattoo these images are usually simple motifs and chosen to reflect something of the wearer. A red ink tattoo can tell a personal story and is best suited to floral, lettering and symbols. There are some limitations to red ink, so give us a call today or pop by the shop to discuss your new red ink tattoo.

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Black tattoo style eagle as a walk in tattoo

Black tattoos

Black Tattoos

Simply put, these are tattoos using only black ink. At Blue Lady Tattoo we use the darkest black ink available, up to three times darker than regular ink used at other shops. The scope of black ink tattoos is huge, it can be anything from American Traditional, to fine line tattoos. All subject matter from girls, to eagles, skulls to flowers…everything looks better in black. We have artists that specialise in black work and we have lots of designs to look at or bring your own. The elegance and power of a strong black tattoo is hard to match.

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Colour tattoos

Colour Tattoos

Life is full of colour, so why shouldn’t your tattoo be? Almost every colour imaginable is available these days, and colour tattoos have surged in popularity. Flowers, beautiful lady heads, beach scenes, your dog, your favourite fruit…the subject matter is as broad as the colour spectrum itself. We have artists that specialise in colour work and know what pigments and shades will stay bright and true. We can help you with designs, or you can bring your own and we will help you refine and choose colours. Whatever your idea, we can bring it to life, in full colour. Get in touch today.

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Traditional tattoos

Traditional Tattoos

American Traditional or simply Trad, is a tattoo style that uses simple bold designs and solid colour with heavy black shading. The simple shapes and bold colours are a stand out feature, the trick is to remove all the information that is not needed, leaving only the essence of the subject matter to tell the story. It looks simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. A good Trad artist is carefully curating every line and every colour choice. Imagery from panthers, ships, eagles, skulls and lady heads, were all popular with sailors and members of the armed forces. Symbolising everything from strength, honour, loyalty and love, American Traditional has stood the test of time, as solid as the bold outlines that are the architecture of this style. If you like classic tattoo imagery or something more abstract done in a classic style, the American Traditional or Trad tattoo style is a great choice. As the saying goes “Bold will hold”

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Fine line tattoos

Fine Line Tattoos

The fine line tattoo style covers a lot of ground artistically speaking. Almost any subject matter can be translated into a fine line tattoo. Subtle and delicate, a fine line tattoo uses very fine precise needles to render the image. We have the finest needles in town. As such, they have an understated illustrative quality that’s very unique and elegant. Their beauty lies in their simplicity, the subject can be anything from animals, floral designs, simple lettering, symbols, skulls, even tiny cowboy boots. Anything you can think of, we have probably done it. We have lots of designs for you to look at, or bring your own. We look forward to working with you on your fine line tattoo.

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